I am an editorial photographer based in Minneapolis, I do my best to take authentic photographs. I look to expose the candid vulnerabilities in the subjects I shoot. My style has been described as both stark & gritty. Whether it’s a celebrity or a stranger, I am looking for truthful moments in my photography.

I work primarily with artists, supplying promotional material such as moving or still pictures. As well I am blazing my own trail in the fine art gallery world. Mainly I have worked with musicians and magazines the last few years. The pinnacle of my career so far was working for Prince, shooting for Paisley Park Records. Other artists include Sister Sledge, Dem Atlas, Allan Kingdom, Hippo Campus, Lydia Liza, Toki Wright, Crunchy Kids, & many other local up-and-coming talented artists. My work has been seen in local magazines (Greenroom, Vita.MN, City Pages, Star Tribute) and more global magazines like Esquire and GQ.

I look to photograph the ‘in-between moments’, not simply capturing someone in a flattering way, but also in an honest manner which shows the reflection of that person’s true self. I tend to prefer black & white because of it’s power to give a feeling of nostalgia and timelessness. I shoot a lot of experimental {personal} film work which rarely sees the light of day. When traveling, I like to shoot with a subject in my landscapes to show the human impact, giving a sense of scale to the narrative.

My passion for traveling runs deep. I have spent the majority of my career away from my hometown of Minneapolis, exploring the many states my country has to offer as well as other countries. I have a hunger to explore and learn as much from this world as I can.