new city, new life. trying to learn new ways to format.

mainly this month i have been getting into the flow of things. less photos and more life stuff, though i did get to work with a few local artists which was very cool. feels nice to have my own spot for the next few months. lots of experimenting this month with new things, more analog than anything else. not as many images to post this month as i have yet to develop a bunch of 35mm rolls. last night I photographed a girl with waffle sunglasses dripping syrup. if that is any indicator, next month i want to get weirder with my personal work, have more fun with life and stop brooding.

music & moodswing mondays have been the main way I have counted the days and that feels ok for now. i’ve spent most money this month on food, wine & film. that’s it. Portland is so warm in February, it’s felt like an invitation to wander through the sidewalks covered in blossoms. here the weirdness is very real and i feel like i have seen more people my age than anywhere else which is awesome and intimidating all at once. the party scene is especially interesting and inviting. i danced in a crowded basement by myself at a house show and ignored a girl who was staring at me a lot that night. i have been longboarding and taking the rails around town, wandering aimlessly and it has been wonderful. the strangers here are very interesting and i plan to create a series of stranger portraits very soon. a man on the street scolded me yesterday for saying ‘i don’t smoke’ in passing as he asked to bum one, telling me to reply with ‘i don’t strike’ instead.

i have been trying to keep up with peers and online life, but at the same time it feels like the buzz has reached a peaking point. everyone is too connected and i want to disconnect and reformat my brain hard drive.



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next month won’t suck so much, i promise.