looking back on the last 6 months has been challenging to write about. i feel as though i have made more mistakes with my artwork and life than i have made positive choices. it has definitely been a tiring journey but i feel myself aging and maturing and i like that. i miss the mountains of Colorado and Vancouver, the endless streams and waterfalls of Oregon and the Redwoods of Northern California… but Minnesota has it’s hidden jewels as well and i know it well.

my time on the road has finally come to a close. it feels strange to be back in my hometown after all of those months sleeping on different beds in different states.
i have found a nice/isolated place in quaint ol’ St. Paul to live where i feel comfortable with people who are supportive and creative. i have spent most nights this far staying up until the sun comes up and then sleeping through the day… i get more work done during the night with less distractions lately. i have taken my suitcase and what ever leftovers i had at home and put them into a room which i am adding to… my own nest. i am looking forward to filling the walls of my new St. Paul apartment up with artwork and scribblings. i have just one project i want to work on this summer, & that knowledge is very comforting.
i like being in my home town during the summer. after the cold hard winters here, people want to experience the warmth of others and the social life and events keep me busy and less introverted. i hope to develop a tolerance to mosquitoes by being outside as much as possible.

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peterjamus_07mayjune peterjamus_08mayjune


i also created a music video! a few months ago I shot the below video for a few close friends. they are in an experimental psychedelic band named Moving Parts. When I was in L.A. I asked them if I could buy a shit-ton of colored powder paint and throw it around with my good friend Vincent and a stranger named Noel (who I swiped on tinder and sent a super long message asking for permission to throw powder paint upon :P). it is one of my more casual and candid videos, i feel… and i think it illustrates their laid-back style and fun attitude towards life. check it out!

peterjamus_09mayjune peterjamus_10mayjune peterjamus_11mayjunepeterjamus_20mayjune peterjamus_12mayjune peterjamus_13mayjune peterjamus_14mayjune peterjamus_15mayjunepeterjamus_18mayjune peterjamus_16mayjune peterjamus_17mayjune

life is peaceful yet i find myself complaining too much. i’m dating a beautiful and darling poet now, and have spent most of my time with her and feeling more comfortable in my own skin then i have in a long time. i hope to find more balance in my life this summer than ever before.